Level up with the Boxing Boyz player stats

Hey Boxers! Welcome to the new medium site, this place is pretty cool right?

the team is going to be using this website to provide you all with detailed updates about the Boxing Boyz project.

Before we turn our eyes to the bright future which lies ahead, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been.

The first Boxing Boyz collection launched and sold out in December 2021, since this launch the team has been busy working with our partnered game development company: Ratic, to build the industries best play to earn eSport NFT boxing game.

The game development process was certainly more complicated than we originally anticipated, but this has always been the case for projects who’s primary focus is creating an experience unlike any other available to the marketplace.

Breaking new ground inevitably presents developmental complications, but as a team — we are proud to announce that we are now closer than ever to delivering a high quality game experience for our loyal community.

Throughout the process of building the Boxing Boyz game, we as project developers have gained a wealth of practical experience which we are actively applying in our strategy moving forwards.

We understand what our community wants to see from us; clear transparent communication, regular detailed updates and exciting forward progress.

As we come back to the present, and turn our attention towards the future, we as a team are happy to be taking this new step forward in our communication.

From here onwards you can expect regular and detailed updates about every aspect of the project.

Within the coming weeks, we will be providing updates on:

  • Game Mechanics and Controls
  • Details + Visuals For The New Marketplace
  • The Game Economy + Play To Earn Functionality
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • The IGO + Coin Info
  • Game Equipment
  • Game Modes
  • And Much More!

That’s all for now, the development studio is calling our name!

We look forward to updating you further in our next post!

Stay tuned,

The Boxing Boyz Team.