Enhancing the value of individual NFTs, with the help of dNFT technology

Hey Boxers!

Welcome back to another medium article from the Boxing Boyz Team!

Today we are going to be exploring a new piece of exciting NFT technology which the team will be using to integrate advanced features in the upcoming Boxing Boyz game; dNFTs — Dynamic NFTs

The Boxing Boyz collection is made up of Dynamic Non Fungible Tokens (dNFTs).

A Dynamic NFT is an NFT that can change based on external conditions. Change in a dynamic NFT typically refers to changes in the NFTs metadata triggered by a smart contract.

The blockchain behind this advanced technology is Chainlink.

Chainlink data feeds is an off-chain data delivery service that can securely deliver external data into a smart contract where it can be used to update a dNFT.

This new technology is essential to the Boxing Boyz project because it will allow the players to customize their NFT and have both cosmetic and skill based changes appear on their NFT.

The implementation of this technology means that players can put in the effort to improve the skills of their boxer so that they can sell it for a profit over time as it becomes more valuable.

For more information about dynamic NFTs, make sure to tune into our community discord — where there are discussions taking place about this new exciting technology.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update article covering the technology and use application of dNFTS, see you in the next one!

The Boxing Boyz Team.